University application essay: Tutorial & Guide

University application essay: Tutorial & Guide

At some stage in your life in order to get where you were going to you have to write an excellent application essay. An application essay is one of the most important components in the university application process. Admission officers are looking for a person to add to what Their University is. Everyone has something unique about themselves. Everyone’s story is different. You do not need to have a story that is one in a million. You can have story that everyone has, but it’s about making it yours. Once you find that topic, it is all about writing and rewriting.

The Purpose of an Essay

It is not as a recommendation letter or some short answers; it is not a resume and it is not supposed to be a list of your accomplishments. It is a look into your personality. These are sentences and structures that will convey something about you. It is a chance to distinguish yourself and another opportunity to stand out from the pool of many applicants.

Writing Tips:

  1. Write informally. Try to write it as a story for yourself, make it interesting to read. Of course, it is a formal writing so do not cross the line. However, your personal style will give you the chance to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Capture the attention. Admission officers ma not have more than five minutes to spend on your essay and you have to grab that person’s attention well. There needs to be something unique. Something they have never heard before write at the very beginning.
  3. One cohesive story. Tell one story that is easily read from beginning to end.

Prompted or an Open Essay

Prompted essay is a kind of writing where you need to write about some experience in your life or faced a challenge and how you overcame it. Open essays are just that. You can write about what you like. Obviously, if you have to write a prompted essay you need to do what you are told. You need to make the essay fit in your prompt. If it is open, you can be slightly more creative.

You do not have much space

Usually you have to write a limited number of words. For example, several thousand of characters including spaces. It is not an enormous amount of writing to get done. A lot of time you need to write minimum 500 words.


When you think about your opening, you should try in your head to link a past act of your life with a future goal.

You are going to craft your first paragraph first. Sometimes you just do not do this. Sometimes you wait till the end to your first paragraph because you do not know where your story gonna go. But  this story you need to start with your paragraph up front and you need to get it perfect because until you are comfortable, until you are happy with that first opening paragraph, the rest of the essay is just going to seem boring. You are not going to be able to develop a theme and you are not going to be able to get to do what you would like.

And that is what you have to do: you have to take this story and identify the theme you can weave through the rest of the essay. Give some brightness to your essay. Once you get that first paragraph down, that is the absolute hardest thing to do.

Another three or four paragraphs you are going to write are rather simple. The second paragraph needs a transition. You need to get from the opening story to something about you. You need to get from that story, particularly if this is about something that happened to you or something about somebody else. And you need to get back to you as a person and what you have done. You have to talk about who you are in relation to your opening. Your past achievements, how that story deals with you, why is it important to you because in the fourth paragraph you’re gonna transition and talk about future. Why that particular tree, why that particular theme is going to continue in your life.

In your final paragraph, you need to write why this particular university you are applying to will help to get you to your future goals.

You are going to be saying ‘I am brilliant, I have got all the skills. Pick me.’ We are sure there is always a room for you in the best US universities if you take your essay serious.